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Save Your Money!

I like mopping because it means that I'm almost done cleaning,

but most people give it the least amount of attention for the same reason...they're almost done.

It's the floor, right? Wrong.

5-second-rule aside, it needs to be done well and regularly.

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Mopping the Floor


Good floor cleaning sometimes demands scrubbing but at the very least 

getting the surface fairly wet with your cleaning fluid.  

It is impossible to spray something on the surface, then swipe over it and expect it to be clean.

This is a FAN-TAS-Y.

"Clean enough to eat off the floor" is also a myth. Just sayin'.

Most everyone agrees that the best way is the "Cinderella Way"...

hands and knees, bucket, and scrub brush, then sop it back up with a bunch of rags.

Who's got time for that shit? Nobody, that's who!

That's why mops were invented.

There are many kinds of products, ​so I will highlight a few of the most popular

and tell you my frank thoughts.

Popular Spray and Mop Setup


Please don't.

They are gimmicky and flimsy. They will bend or break


with any kind of pressure, super costly to keep refilled


both with fluid and those stupid paper mop heads, and


they don't clean well.


Save your money.

Flat spray mop for cleaning floor with microfiber cloth and spraying bottle..jpg
Close up of blue mop with sponge. Isolated on a white background..jpg


Old-fashioned sponge mop

The kind maybe your mom or grandma had?


Yeah... no.


The sponge soaks up all that grossness on the floor


and literally cannot be rinsed out completely.




Enough said.


Popular "neutral cleaner" recommended by "the floor guy"

Essentially it's just expensive water with chemicals and a little soap. 

I've done side by side tests and it's no better. 🤔

People are often told that "using something else" will void the warranty on their newly installed floor.

As a professional cleaner, I find this dodgy and another way to get more of your money. 


More damage will be caused by not vacuuming often enough

than by not using a specific cleaner.


The best way to keep new flooring pretty is to not walk on it with shoes. 


Take 'em off at the door.

Mop kit with removable and washable heads

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You can get spendy on a name-brand system or find a cheaper but good quality off-brand for around $50.

Look for sturdy handle construction so you can work that sticky stuff off the floor. You need to be able to apply some pressure.

Microfiber heads are best and can be laundered in hot water with your other microfiber rags. Air dry to save energy and avoid residual odors. Not thrown away...laundered and reused. Again and again!


That's Freaky Green Cleaning, right there!

Floor Mop


Pro Mopping Hack

Use the hottest water you can stand and 2 mop covers.

When you rinse (often...<ahem>), swap it for the other mop head,

leaving the first to soak a bit. Repeat. 


Change the mop water when the color turns light gray or darker.

In some homes, that may be 4 or more times depending on how much hard flooring there is to clean.

Otherwise you are just mopping with dirty water.

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