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Bamboo For Your Loo

Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Paper Products

In terms of renewable resources, bamboo is king. We all know it’s the fastest growing plant on the planet at up to 3 FEET per day, among other benefits, trees just can’t compete!

Which kind of begs the question:

In this time of modern commerce and global imports and exports…WHY are we still using trees for paper products?

A Universal Necessity

We all need to “clean up” after bodily elimination and all manner of…um…utensils have been employed for this delicate task. Though “paper” in its many forms have been available, and used for this purpose since 2nd century BC in China, the commercial product we call “toilet paper” wasn’t invented until the middle 1800’s.

Paper products have almost always been made from plants, stone slabs being a bit heavy to messenger about, with trees eventually becoming the primary source of pulp. Now that we know trees are pretty important to our climate (read: the air we breathe), it’s time to let them be. If ever a plant stood out, bamboo has been trying to get our attention for a while now.

C’mon Man!

Let’s get real here. Bathroom tissue is a “one and done” product. Amirite? WHY do we need to have 27,000 trees a day cut down to wipe our collective bottoms? We don’t.

I know…those parts are sensitive and rough recycled paper is…rough! I don’t know if you’ve tried any lately, but the producers have refined the process quite nicely and truly…it’s not so bad now! And tissue? Unless you have a really harsh upper respiratory condition and you resemble Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the tissues are just fine to honk your snout into.

Washable Paper Towels?

Yes! A thousand times YES! Whoever thought of this was brilliant! The (strange) reasons that people use a paper towel versus cloth towels are usually about being lazy. A spill on the dinner table? Why NOT grab the kitchen towel? I dunno… If you’re wiping up the cat puke…sure, I get it, but you can rinse it off and still launder a cloth towel.

Bamboo paper towels are expensive, I won’t lie, BUT…! If you’re just wiping up spilled juice or drying off something…some can be rinsed out, aired dried, and used again! If you’re using them to drain the fried chicken, then fine. But again, a once and done product…why waste a tree?

Bamboo is biodegradable and sustainable…OH SO sustainable! And versatile! You can also buy bamboo linens like sheets and towels, dishes, flooring, and furniture.

Trees are the lungs of our planet and vital to our own lungs. I don’t know about you, but I dig a walk through a deep forest too. Save the trees…buy bamboo!

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