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The Vacuum

I believe the single most underutilized tool


in the cleaning arsenal is something pretty much everyone has:


a vacuum cleaner.


My personal choice is the canister type. Invest in the best you can afford, and you will be set for many years. 

They are more versatile for better all-around cleaning, above, below, under, and around. And if something breaks, you don't lose the whole thing to the repair shop, or have to purchase a new machine.

Use a vacuum (and accessories) to "pre-clean" particularly dirty areas like favorite pet spots, window tracks, drawer and cabinet interiors, and ceiling fans, before you use a rag and cleaning product.

Pro Hack

For window tracks, use a dry stiff-bristle toothbrush or grout brush

to loosen dirt and debris. Dig into corners and edges and vacuum as you go, kind of like how the dental hygienist has that sucker stick right where the dentist is working on your teeth.

Use the crevice tool if necessary (the accessory that extends the end of your hose to a skinny opening). Most of the dirt should come up. Spray and wipe as needed.

Ta DA!

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