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Got Stairs?

Banisters are required by law for two or more steps.

You know what's not required? Cleaning them. Ewww!

In public places, just imagine how many hands have touched those railings. Need I say more?

Banister 3.jpg
Banister 3.jpg

An Example

This is an actual banister I cleaned in a home. Even if yours doesn't look this bad,

there's lots of goobers on that rail!

Get a wet cloth and a spray it heavily with your AP solution or squirt some liquid soap on it. Grab the banister fully and get your stair climbing in

as you go up and down. Pay attention to both sides.


You will probably have to go over it several times....

Cleaned banister_edited.jpg


As you can see, the difference is...amazing.

Both on the rail and on the rag.

Do this regularly if you have children. 

Cleaned banister.jpg
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