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This is me a few years ago. Here is the more "current" me...


I have a wide and varied resume, having worked almost every kind of "service industry" job out there....retail, casinos, 911 operator, bartender, wait-staff, hospitality, bank teller, certified herbalist, and of course, cleaner. I've run several tax guy calls me a "serial entrepreneur" and from 2008 to 2020, I ran a green housecleaning service. Like many small business owners, I lost nearly everything to the pandemic.

I'm a single mother of an amazing woman and have a beautiful granddaughter. I've survived an abusive alcoholic upbringing, a near-fatal 2-story fall as a child, and 3 cancer diagnoses. 

My interest in "cleaning up" the environment started in the '70s when Iron Eyes Cody cried on our TV screens and Woodsy Owl told my impressionable 8 year-old mind to "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute!" 


I'm pragmatic and straightforward. I'll get right to the point with a dash of salty language, wry humor, and some uncomfortable truths. 

Our planet is hurting...because of humans. We are nearly past the point of no return and I don't want to hand my granddaughter and her generation a train wreck.


I believe that everything we do matters and that we have to change our ways NOW

to save this beautiful blue ball we call "home". 

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